Terms and Conditions

Return Policy

We understand that sometimes mistakes happen. We are happy to look into the technical bag quality-related issues. However, we do not offer refunds of any kind for any reason. We are unable to process any issues relating to artwork (mistakes in artwork lining up, colors not printing correctly, etc.). Once you submit artwork using our dielines and requirements (as we advise on our resource page), you are certifying that this artwork is final, and you release Savor Brands of any liability.

Shipping Policy

SB5D is available worldwide. Shipping costs, along with any taxes and fees, are included in your price quote. Lead time is 5-7 weeks, including production + shipping time. Shipping is referred to air shipping, from the factory to your door after we receive payment in advance. Please ensure all addresses submitted are accurate. Once the products leave our factory, Savor Brands will not be liable due to carrier errors and delays/packages lost in transit, additional shipping costs due to wrong addresses, natural disasters or social issues, customs/port of entry issues, and more. Questions/concerns? We communicate every step of the way - please get in contact with your customer service POC for additional questions.


Buyer acknowledges that prices may be subject to change on reorders based on conditions beyond our control, such as market fluctuations of material costs, logistics, and customs. A surcharge may be applied on the final invoice in the event government policies increase the cost of customs duties and fees.


Upon Buyer's approval of the digital proof, Buyer agrees to full payment prior to production. Savor Brands will proceed with the production immediately upon Buyer's payment. The payment is non-refundable regardless of whether Buyer thereafter elects to cancel the order. Applicable tax will be included on all invoices. The final payment is non-refundable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

In the event Buyer feels that the product has not met Savor Brands quality standards, Buyer agrees to submit a written request for a quality claim within 30 days of receipt of the Product. Additional information (i.e photos, samples, etc.) must be received within 7 days of claim submission for investigation and must be allowed to inspect the product unaltered. Upon receipt of a quality claim, Savor Brands will review the request and, if applicable, replace product of equal specifications or of fair allowance. Any Products that do not meet Savor Brands quality standards must be returned to Savor Brands to receive a replacement or credit/refund.


In the event of a dispute by Buyer against Savor Brands, which arises out of concern the validity, construction, or interpretation of this Agreement, or any other matter arising from this Agreement, the parties shall refer such dispute to mediation for resolution prior to commencing any lawsuit.


Neither party may assign any right, obligation, or liability arising hereunder without the other party's prior consent. Any such assignment or attempted assignment shall be null and void.

Force Majeure

Buyer understands and agrees that Savor Brands shall not be held liable for damages or costs resulting from production or delivery delays, or failures in performance, which arise out of or result from causes beyond its control, including without limitation: acts of God; acts of the Government or public enemy; war or terrorism; natural disasters; fire; flood; pandemics/epidemics; quarantine restrictions; labor strikes; freight embargo; or equipment breakage.


The parties that agree to keep the specific terms of this Agreement and the transactions described herein, confidential, and each agrees that they shall not publish, or make the specific terms of the Agreement known to the general public. Nothing in this paragraph prohibits disclosure of the identity of the other party for marketing and promotional purposes.

Applicable Law

This Agreement will be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Hawaii.